Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Favorites

Untitled #221
Untitled #221 by kat-94 featuring suede boots

Clothes: As soon as somebody put up their Sparkle+Fade Coat on eBay, I grabbed it as fast as possible. Everyone has been raving about this coat since Eleanor Calder wore it and I can see why! This coat is so amazing and cute and uGH. I wear it almost all the time to school and the weather now is started to get chilly and cold so this is a perfect top layer to wear over any sweaters or shirts you're wearing.

Beanies: I've always been a huge fan of beanies and I recently discovered that Topman has my exact style of beanies for half the price- I'm serious! For those girls who love beanies but don't want the girly, glittery, pastel colored beanies that Topshop and other girl stores sell, go to Topman!! I bought this Topman Burgundy Fisherman Rib Beanie and I usually pair it up with a denim shirt and black jeans or a white sweater with a parka over.

Boots: I bought my Adonis2 Suede Cutout Boots last year but have been recently using them all month! They're not heels but still add some hight when you need it-plus they're comfortable!

Television: I've basically succumbed to watching only UK shows-one being Some Girls. It's so funny and my favorite characters are Holli and Amber. I am in love with this show and I hope they make a third season!

Books: Recently I've been into 1800's era novels- such as Charles Dickens. My mom is a huge huge fan so I "borrowed" one of her books, "Nicholas Nickelby" and even though I can't understand 89% of what's going on, I can still kind of understand whats going on...... does that make sense? Probably not but the language they used back then was so beautiful and romantic and natural and I wish that people still spoke like that today instead of 'ay bby wut r u doin' you know? haha. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Style Band Shirts!

So recently, I've been buying a lot of band-tees, cause you know music rocks (get it-rocks as in rock music, I'm so hilarious), and I never really know how to pair it up so I made a couple of sets to help myself and hopefully others who have the same situation. Hope you enjoy! xx

Untitled #214

The first outfit is actually what I wore today! Nirvana is my top 5 favorite bands so I decided to go for that grungy feel-pairing it with a pleather army jacket and ripped black jeans; and since I'm too poor to afford an Alexa bag, I substituted it with my backpack since I was going to school haha. Also since I was going to school, I just paired it up with military boots but I would have much rather paired it up with these edgy ones from Topshop.

Untitled #215

If you're a One Direction fan, than you're most likely a 5SOS fan too. They're hilarious, cute, and Australian-how much better can that get?! Seriously if you haven't heard of them, I suggest you check them out NOW. But back to the outfit, As I was thinking of 5SOS, I tried to click in with their taste in clothes which is kind of 'lazy grunge' I guess? So I paired up their merch shirt with some ripped jeans and threw on a beanie and some lace up brogue boots.

Untitled #216

Styx is one of my favorite 80's groups. Their music video 'Too Much Time on My Hands' is so funny and I just love them so much. I went for a more clean version with this shirt. I paired this baseball concert tee with some dark blue jeans and some white vans for a more daytime look.

Untitled #217

This outfit just automatically makes me think of shaking your head back and forth and not giving a flyin crap about anything-i don't know why haha. Just seeing an Aerosmith shirt with dark wash highwaisted shorts and converse just says, 'Yeah, I don't care bro whatevs' Idk..

Untitled #218

Now The Eagles are kind of my all time favorite group. They're songs are the definition of California and to show how lame I was/am, I did a report on them in 4th grade and on my senior essay project as my music inspiration (Im a dork). But this outfit says cool & calm yet still a lover of great rock music.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Favorites!

October Favorites!

It is officially the end of October which means every single department store is adding the last finishing touches for the Christmas season. And that I get to do my October Favorites (wee)! 

1. Clothes: The weather down in SoCal is unbelievably hormonal; one week its pouring rain and the next, its 80 degrees and sunny. Whilst browsing around my mom's closet, I found this plain but cute cable knit sweater-something I've been looking for for years and I didn't even have to pay for it. It goes with pretty much everything, whether you layer it with a collard top underneath or just wear it by itself. Its a perfect autumn essential. 

2. Movies: Okay so as soon as it struck midnight on October 1st, I just had to pull out Hocus Pocus. It is one of my all time favorite {Halloween} movies and I genuinely laugh and cry throughout 95% of the film. Its so hilarious and there are so many jokes that I didn't get as a child that I get now and UGH its amazing. Another movie that I've watched is the Phantom of the Opera (2004). Now its not very halloweeny but it sure is spooky. I grew up with this movie, and by that I mean I have it on soundtrack cassette, seen the play and seen the 1920's version. I watched this a while ago and kind of forgot about it until I saw an ad for Phantom and remembered how much I loved it. Gerard Butler is incredibly sexy in this film and I just wish I was Christine DaaƩ (aka Emmy Rossum). Both of their voices are incredible and beautiful and I love that movie so so so much. fun fact, my favorite song is Past the Point of No Return- SO SEXY. Basically this movie is sexy.

3. Shoes: Autumn means boots. thats all. I've pretty much been living in my brown military boots throughout October and they just go with everything. 

4. Makeup: Autumn also mean dry weather so instead of putting on the BB Cream, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer routine, I've just been putting my bareMinerals Original Foundation powder with concealer and some eyebrow powder and just head out the door. I swear I would be the worst makeup artist because I hardly wear anything! But in all seriousness, this powder is amazing. It totally covers any redness I have on my face along with any imperfections. 

5. Food: Now what's October without candy?! Besides any kind of chocolate, m&m's are the only candy I will eat. Fun Fact, I've never had any other candy besides m&m and chocolate- I know, Im a freak. But yeah, I especially love their fall colors mix-makes me feel warm and happy inside haha. 

October Favorites! by kat-94 featuring a cable jumper