Sunday, March 30, 2014

Haul | Brandy Melville + Nike

When it comes to spring and summer time, I just think 'Brandy Melville'. Their stuff is perfect for these seasons, especially in Southern California. And including their low prices for the most comfortable tops you can ever wear in your life, I decided to splurge a little bit there. If anyone's seen my last OOTD, I wore this black long sleeve top which seriously reminds me so much of Harry Styles, and who doesn't want to look like him?! He's gorgeous. It's seriously so comfy and cozy and I basically live in it. 
If anyone knows me, they know that I swore that I would never wear crop tops. I feel so uncomfortable wearing them and I don't like my stomach showing- long story short, me and crop tops are not friends. Until one day when I came across this crop top at Brandy. Now it's not really a "crop" top because it's long enough to not show my stomach but still short. I absolutely fell in love with it so I decided to buy a grey version of it. If you're not a fan of crop tops, but still wanna roll with the fashion, I recommend buying these because your stomach won't show (unless you stretch your arms high, high up) and it's super cute. I pair these with shorts for daytime or black jeans for going out at night. 

I've been seeing these shoes everywhere: tumblr, polyvore, fashion blogs/websites, you name it. The Nike Roshe Run Shoes are too hard to miss. I originally went on ASOS to purchase them and saw how expensive they were, so I checked out Macy's and they were about 35 dollars less. My first impression when wearing these shoes was a bit uncomfortable because the sole of them are ridges which makes it feel like your sock is falling off and you need to fix it every 5 minutes, but after wearing them for a while you easily forget about that feeling and they're super comfortable. They're great for exercising and going out with! Double win. 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Spring/New Year!!

Now I'm not the biggest fan of spring due to all my allergies making its way back into my nose again, but nevertheless I still love it. If you don't already know the Iranian New Year lands on the first day of spring-Eid/Nowrooz. Being persian, this is my favorite holiday because it means setting up a beautiful table, spending time with family, and for the younger ones- money!!

This year I went to my grandparents house and saw how traditional and beautiful their table looked. For those of you who don't know, the persian table required 7 things that start with the letter 'S', also known as Haft Seen, and each item represents something. On the table, you'll see a mirror, apples, candles, Golab (rose water), Sabzeh (wheat or barely sprouts), goldfish, and painted eggs. We keep our table like this for 13 days. When 13 days are up, we have a ceremony called Sizdah Be-dar, which means we spend a day outside, preferably a big park, with family and friends and throw our Sabzeh (wheat or barely sprouts) out in a lake.

Now whenever it comes to new years, you're always supposed to get an entirely new outfit- new year, new outfit- who can argue with that?!? Now this year due to stupid college midterms, I didn't have time to go shopping, but I did have an outfit in mind that I had never worn before. I couldn't take a picture, but it was a recreation of Eleanor Calder's outfit at the KCA's.

To anyone persian reading this, Eide shoma moborak, happy new years and happy spring (:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Favorites

So February has come to an end, and now we are three months into the new year. Time flies by so quickly! It feels like yesterday we were celebrating the start to 2014, and suddenly March has begun.
Here are some of my favorites of this past month.

I have sadly been cursed with an itchy scalp for the past couple of years. I've tried every remedy from Head & Shoulders shampoo to even Tea Tree Oil but nothing seems to be doing the job. I went to the hair salon recently and asked my hair dresser if she had any tips- she recommended the Moroccan Oil Dry Scalp Treatment. I remember loving Moroccan Oil products a few years back, but I guess I kind of forgot about it. I picked this gem up, and I can honestly say it actually works. After applying it and leaving it in for 15 minutes before my shower, it instantly relieved any itching. I don't use this every time I shower, but only once a week. Remember, too much product on the scalp can cause more trouble. 
I know this was in my last favorites, but I can not get enough of the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.   After reason discovery that my dark circles are darker than I thought, my daily routine consists of lightly applying Laura Mercier Concealer and than topping it off with the NARS one- it really gives off a beautiful finish! I have the color Vanilla. If you've been keeping up with my posts, you know I talked about the Topshop Cream Blush in Flush. Don't be alarmed by how pigmented it looks when you first apply it to your cheek- you just gotta blend it out! After blending it gives off a beautiful, natural look. I have a serious dry lip problem, and cheap lip balms just can't help it. I've heard so many people talk about the Baby Lips Lip Balm by Maybelline, and I give this product an A+. It keeps my lips moisturized all day and I never have the need to keep re-applying it constantly or lick my lips if I don't have it on hand. I also hate lip balms that have any fruity flavor to it, so I was very happy to see that they had a Peppermint one. 

Recently I've been back to smelling more and more girly. I've always loved perfume, but with early classes every day putting perfume one always slips my mind. I love the Dior Addict scent. It has such a light, airy, flowerly smell that reminds me of spring time and peonies and Paris.