Friday, February 28, 2014

Mother Nature

So I was rummaging through some old photos, and I came across some I took on my 6th grade trip to Big Bear for science camp. Going through these photos made me remember what a horrible time I had on that trip- it was my first time away from my mom and I realized then and there that I was a mama's girl. I missed her and my family so much and I wanted to go home as soon as possible. They only gave us breakfast and dinner, which left me hungry for half the day and I remember my bed had a couple blood stains and some brown spots and I got so scared that someone got shot there. I

If I went back now, I would definitely appreciate it more and actually take in the scenery and that I am at the heart of nature. Also, I've become less of a mama's girl which is good, so now I can go places without missing them so much as I used too. Maybe one day I'll go back with friends and hike around. If you live in California and haven't been to Big Bear- what have you been doing? It's seriously so beautiful up there and I highly recommend a trip up there.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Mini Haul

So Valentines Day was two weeks ago, and as a single lady (put your hands up) I decided to spoil myself with the beauty items. I don't need a man to buy me chocolates and stuff-I can do that on my own. But it's still nice to get stuff without using my own money. Anyway, getting sidetracked here.

Clinique Neutral Territory 2 Palette: Normally, I'm not one to buy eyeshadow palette's, or even wear eyeshadow in general! But if I am browsing around for some shadows, I'll always be drawn to neutral shades. The Clinique Palette is exactly that, but better. It's neutral shades but not the normal browns and taupes you see everywhere.  I'll usually use the second, third, and fourth shade on a daily basis. The colors are sheer but still add a hint of color to your look.

Topshop Blush Morning Dew: It's known that cream blushes look more natural looking than powder. When you first dab it on your face, don't be alarmed by how pigmented it is- you just gotta blend it more and more. I basically use this everyday for a natural pinky tone; plus it works well on lips too.

Real Techniques Blush Brush: Ever since I bought their Expert Face Brush, I have been wanting another Real Techniques brush for a long time. I decided to purchase the Blush Brush cause I assumed it could be used for foundation powder as well-but because of how light and soft it is, it doesn't. Though I still love this brush, it is just meant for powder blush and/or some highlight.

Sonia Kashuk Eyebrow Enhancer: Long time ago, I came across a pair of eyebrow scissors and tweezers. I made the unfortunate mistake of experimenting with my eyebrows to look and feel more adult-ish. Sadly the hairs I had cut off and removed did not grow back, leaving me look confused uneven all the time. Though I tried everything-vaseline, shampoo and conditioner, exfoliating, nothing can bring them back. Not even Anastasia's eyebrow serum brought them back.
Unless any of you guys know a good eyebrow technique of making them fuller, I bought the Sonia Kashuk eyebrow enhancer. I haven't seen any results yet, but I'll keep you updated.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wake up in the morning feelin like . . .

Harry Styles. That's how I felt when I wore this outfit today. Not that I'm complaining, because he's one of the most best dressed males of this generation. Seriously, just look at him-he's gorgeous.

Beanie: UO
Top: Brandy Melville
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Topshop