Saturday, July 13, 2013

Current Wish list!

 Seeing as it's summer and my days usually consist of scrolling through online shops all day, I decided to make a little wish list of some items I've been keeping my eye on. x 

1. Topshop Red Bandana Maxi Skirt          
Ever since maxi skirts came in fashion, I swore to myself I would never try one on, purchase on, or even think of it for that matter. But I came across this on Topshop's website and for some reason, it stood out to me. The bohemian pattern makes it look very summery, especially the choice of red they used as a base. I think it would look amazing with some sandals, a white singlet top, and a concho hat!

2. Monki Elena Dress
If someone looks at my closet, they'll find all monochrome outfits. So when I came across this plain grey jersey dress, I just fell in love. This will sound weird but the reason why I love it is that it's so basic! This is a great year-round dress. For summer, you can wear it as is with some ankle boots and ray-bans, and for the winter you can layer it with a leather jacket, some tights and a pair of adonis.

3. ASOS Longline Coatigan
This is basically a necessity. It's a coat. It's a cardigan. Its a two in one item! You can wear this over a summer outfit for those late chilly nights or you can wear it in the autumn and winter time as a finishing item on your layered outfit.

4.Topshop Blush in Flush
I've always been a fan of cream blushes; they always look so natural looking and not as cakey as powered blushes. This color is a perfect, natural looking blush color to put on for those casual days or even when you go out.

5. Mulberry Small Effie Satchel
My love for Mulberry's purses started when I saw Eleanor Calder's Mulberry Alexa and Effie. It's just the perfect size to bring when going to the mall or to run errands or anything! I just love it so much haha.

6. Topshop Alexy Platform Chelsea Boots
Again, my love for these shoes began when I saw Eleanor wear them to the KCA's last summer. They are just the perfect boot to wear anywhere; you can dress them up or down and they'll still go with everything. Its just a boot that should be in everyones closet.

So thats everything on my current wish list! Let me know what you think! (: xx

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Traveling | San Francisco

Hey! Long time no speak on this thingamabob :3 and I have a good reason; I took my very first adult free vacation to San Francisco *applause*. So my first experience in an airport without my parents wasn't the best because I was taken to a special room where security would pat me down because apparently I had something on my clothes that resembled explosives T.T so after that hubabaloo, we finally got on the plane and took off ^_^ ooh look at that pretty view  *w*

we landed in San Jose where we took a shuttle to our hotel, The Fairmont. When we got there, I encountered more trouble because airport security took my only ID so I was left arguing with the staff until I showed them my papers to prove I was the real me and they finally let me in my room <.< After relaxing after being emotionally stressed all morning, we left for Market St to shop around and eat and than came home and passed out. I forgot to take pictures of our room but this was the outdoor garden area, and thats me pondering the meaning of life whilst looking out the window dramatically, as all people do when they see a old fashioned window.

The next day, we had planned out so we started out by going to the Cartoon Art Museum on Mission St. and it was surprisingly interesting- I was thinking, oh this is just going to be a bunch of anime drawings and such but it was old newspapers funnys and comic book stuff (: After that we walked down an outdoor/indoor mall where I saw these cute kawaii vases ^^

Than after that, we went on the most famous tourist spot in the world- The Golden Gate Bridge. One thing I can say is oh my god it is freakin cold!! Being used to SoCal weather, I just wore a thin sweater and jeans but I regret not dressing up like an eskimo It was so foggy and cloudy, you could barely see what was in front of you while walking on the sidewalk.

Eventually we got scared that we might not ever return after walking for 20 minutes so we came back in search of human civilization. We succeeded. To treat ourselves to a very tiring walk, we came across a small macaroon shop at the Market St. mall and bough ourselves some lovely and delicious french pastries
After walking around the mall, I spotted a familar store I used to love and I soon fell in love with it again because of these KAWAII  LLAMAS  ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰
After that we traveled through China town and got some Bubz beauty inspired facial products ^_^
The next day was probably the best day which was when we went to Pier 39. OH my gosh, that is the funnest place ever. There are so many shops and food stands and fun houses and its just a great kid place (and im a kid so I obviously loved it). I got 2 churros, a bag of donuts, a cheese filled pretzel and a snickers. I was very happy. 

We saw the pier and the Alcatraz and it was the most relaxing day. After that we went on a double decker bus and took a tour all around Sf so we  wouldn't have to walk anymore. May I saw it was on of the best decisions ever because it was so incredibly cool!! 

We pretty much saw everything from City Hall, to the Full House house, the Mrs. Doubt fire house, Haight and Ashbury, Golden Gate Bridge, Market St, Union St, etc. We got off at Union St. to shop at all the little boutiques and to go to a burger place we've heard loads about-Umami Burger.

It was a very delicious burger but I can't say that it's better than The Counter burgers I've had because those are delicious! After we took a taxi to Embarcadero St. and walked around the pier and saw the Bay Bridge light up at night which was super pretty! 

I just got back today so overall I give my trip a 9/10 ((: I love San Francisco and I plan on living there after community college to hopefully go to Berkley or Davis<3 Im gonna head off now, I'm so excited to sleep in my own bed again ^_^ Goodnight or Good morning- wherever you are (: