Thursday, October 16, 2014

Concert Wear+Tips

** Sorry I haven't updated in a while!! College is very time consuming and I hate it and I just want to live free of responsibilities and adult hood**

If you guys are updated with me on my twitter or instagram, you'll know that I am a frequent concert-goer. Could be big concerts like One Direction, 5SOS, etc. or it could just be a small thing- point is, if there's a concert in the Los Angeles region I'm there.

Going to all these concerts, I've gathered up quiet a few tips and advice for any of you guys who are new to the concert world:

-BRING WATER. Nothing is worse than waiting outside a venue for 11 hours and not drinking any water or drinking very little water. It's going to get you into a bad mood and you won't enjoy the concert from how poorly you're feeling, plus you're going to get dehydrated and get dizzy, and nobody wants to feel like that when they're about to see the concert of a lifetime! 

-Wear something comfortable. If you're one of those people who wanna dress super cute to impress that band member (me), there is nothing wrong with that. But try not to wear those super painful, high pumps that kill your feet after 30 minutes, cause you're just gonna have that face that shows you're in pain from stupid shoes. Also, try not to wear the band merch if it's at a small theater or if you're trying to impress them.

-Bring a bag. A lot of venues will say no bags allowed- they're lying. I can't tell you guys how many venues I've gone to without a bag cause the ticket said no bag and saw almost 70% of the audience with either small bags or huge ass backpacks. Try to bring a bag that's big enough to fit your water bottle, wallet, tickets, and any other necessities you need for that day. 

-INVEST IN A PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER. I cannot tell you enough how important this one is. Especially if you're waiting outside the venue for GA. Portable phone chargers have saved my life. Let's face it; when you're waiting outside a venue for hours and you're standing in line, you're gonna be on your phone, and when you are on your phone its gonna loose battery. Target sells them for like $20.00 and they seriously save your life. 

-Try to make friends when in line. You guys obviously have one huge thing in common- music. So socialize with the people you're standing next too and talk about who your sunshine is and who you ship, and all that jazz. I have met so many people while waiting in lines that are now my closest and best friends. I still can't believe I've met them just through liking a certain band. 

-Gain as much memory on your phone as you possibly can. Especially to you iPhone users out there- from even 2 apps and a couple of messages, you're phone can loose storage and you won't have any room for pictures of the concert. Try to erase all your text messages you don't need, erase old pictures that you can live without, and erase your apps. 

Now that I've gave you all my helpful tips and tricks, here are some stylish yet comfy clothes you can wear to your concerts (: enjoy ! xx

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Untitled #292

Untitled #292 by kat-94 featuring a long slip

Untitled #299

Untitled #299 by kat-94 featuring a crop top

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Untitled #301


OOTN by kat-94 featuring white tops

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