Saturday, October 19, 2013

Everyday/Autumnal Makeup Look!

I've mentioned this before, but I'm not one to pile on a whole bunch of makeup when Im going to school or going out in general, especially when it starts getting to the colder season. If I could just use concealer and moisturizer every single day I would-but unfortunately I have more problems on my face that needs more coverage besides my dark circles and dry skin. This is just my every day makeup look and what I'm using now as the weather gets colder. Hope you enjoy! 

I go two ways: I will either go with Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream or the bareMinerals original powder. Both are really great- they give such a natural finish but still cover up any redness or marks that you don't want to be seen. For concealer, I use the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette. It isn't fabulous and it isn't horrible, but it does the job. 

Im not really a blush person on account of how young I look already-blush just makes me look like I'm 5. So I just powder on some bronzer on my cheeks and temples and whatever else needs some bronzing. I use the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny.

For eyes, I also go two ways. If I really don't care what I look like or where Im going or I have to get ready at 6 for school, I'll use Neutrogena healthy lengths brown mascara. If I'm feeling especially girly, than I'll use the Buxom Lash black mascara. If I had to be deserted on an island and could only take one makeup item, it would be anything brow related. I will never leave the house without fixing them. The Anastasia Brow Powder Duo is a basic necessity for me. I'm almost hitting pan on the lighter brown but recently I've just started using both of them so its an even color. For lips, I will never ever be a lipstick or gloss person. I've always hated it and I think I'm just gonna stick to either a tinted lip balm or just chapstick. In this case, I adore the Baby Lips Lip Balm in peppermint. I hate anything fruity so this is just per-fect for me and it keeps my lips moisturized all day. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

25 Facts About Me!

So I'll probably never get tagged to do this but I ACCEPT THE TAGS I THINK I DESERVE (sorry i just had to). Anyway, heres just a thing to help, whoever's reading this, get to know me better (: 

1. I have huge hands and long alien fingers which is unproportional to my body. 
2. I've been playing the piano since I was 4.
3. When I was 7, I was obsessed with horses. I took lessons, doodled them, and thought I would own my own stable when I got older.
4. Im not a baby person-I think they're quite annoying.
5. Forgetting things is a talent of mine. Or a curse. Whatever. 
6. My biggest fears are talking in front of a crowd and talking to guys. (seriously I get horrible anxiety attacks with both and eventually break down and cry when Im alone)
7. In result of Fact #6, I've never had a boyfriend.. or a guy friend for that matter.
8. My family and I are obsessed with rabbits. We've had over 6- our last one was probably the most loved one out of all of them ,but unfortunately our pet sitter killed him.
9. I have a golden retriever named Biscuit.
10. I sing very loudly when I'm home alone but will never properly sing in front of anyone.
11. Im extremely shy and will never initiate conversations but once someone gets to know me, I'll quickly warm up.
12. I've known one of my best friends since kindergarten and we've attended the same high school and now the same college ( I just can't get rid of her).
13. Prefer cold, rainy, and foggy over everything else.
14. I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld and That 70's show. 
15. I also have an unhealthy obsession with fixing my eyebrows. 
16. I can recite every word from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. 
17. When I was younger me and my friends would pretend to be horses and roam around the school neighing at people. 
18. I used to play soccer in junior high to live up to the Middle Eastern stereotype but I was horrible and just sat out most of the time.
19. I was born without wisdom teeth-thank god. I don't think I would be able to handle the pain. 
20. Im an extremely picky eater and I usually stick to what I know and love-which is spaghetti. 
21. My taste in music goes from opera to house music to british pop to classic rock. (I'm very eclectic)
22. I get really jump and overly excited when it gets really cold; not like 'im happy' excited just like 'oh my god its so fucking cold' excited... ja feel? 
23. For a while I only wore colorful polo shirts and baggy capris ..that was a dark time for me.
24. I love watching high school drama plays on youtube.
25. For about 12 years I had a horrible habit of peeling the skin off my fingers when I was nervous or bored. 

Now you officially know me haha. Hope you enjoyed (: xx  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Morning Skincare Routine

Is it just me, or does anyone else actually look forward to getting up in the morning and cleaning your face in the morning? I find it so refreshing and I just love the feeling my skin gets from washing my face and putting on my skincare products. My routine changes often but recently these products have helped my skin improve very much. 

When I drag myself out of bed to proceed to start my routine, I first begin by cleaning any excess makeup or dirt from the day before by using Yes to Cucumber Wipes. My skin feels so energized and awake after using this. If I don't use the wipes in the morning, I sometimes use my Clinique 7 day scrub cream, which is an excellent substitute. 

After I dry my face I put on my Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. I've mentioned this in a couple of  my recent posts, but this serum has worked wonders on my skin-before I had horrible dark spots from not putting on enough sunscreen and sitting out in the sun. After using this, my skin has improved and I even got rid of dark spots I've had since I was a kid! 

After putting that, I put on my Clinique Even Better skin tone correcting moisturizer. Unlike other moisturizers, this one doesn't harden up right after applying it making your face stiff. The consistency is so smooth and nice, plus it has sunscreen which is a bonus. 

I then apply my Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum. I did the horrible deed of plucking too much of my eyebrows beginning of my high school year and my obsession with making them perfect grew more and more everyday-now they are uneven and mishapen and I am ashamed. I tried looking for any thing to make them grow whether it was putting vaseline, olive oil, etc. I recently stumbled upon this serum and I bought it right after. So far my eyebrows have improved very slightly  but because I'm middle eastern, I have thick coarse brow hairs so it will take longer for serum to work. But so far it's pretty decent. 

To end it all, I apply Nivea Lip Butter  on my lips.

Hope you enjoyed! (: xx 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Worm

So I've been reading a lot these past couple of months and I just absolutely love it. I feel like this generation is losing so many great things such as books, and instead using computers or kindles or iPads to read stories. I don't know if its just me, but doesn't anyone like to buy and hold an actual book and be able to physically turn the pages instead of sliding your finger across a screen? My favorite part about reading a old book is the smell. Yes. the smell. It's such a genuine and antique smell and UGH I just love it. Anyways, I just wanted to make a post about some of the books I recommend you guys reading! (: xx 

1. The Land- Mildred D. Taylor
I HIGHLY recommend this book; its a fiction novel based on Post Civil War time but its just such an easy book to read and the plot is really great UGH

2. It's Kind of a Funny Story-Ned Vizzini
This is just a great teen fiction novel that tells the struggles of what teens are going through these days and it's just written so wonderfully and READ IT. 

3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven-Mitch Albom
I love Mitch Albom's books and I highly recommend reading this one. It's just so interesting and gave me a different perspective on how much of an impact you can make on somebodies life and what you go through when you have died.

4. Peter Pan-J.M.Barrie
Yes you've all seen the Disney Movie, but the book is actually quite different from it (obviously), and I think its just a great read. 

5.The Perks of Being A Wallflower-Stephen Chbosky
Of course every person in the world by now has seen this movie; God knows we see 'We accept the love we think we deserve' and 'And in that moment, I swear we were infinite' quotes all the freakin time on tumblr, BUT a lot of people have yet to read the book and like 'It's kind of a funny story' it also shares the story of a teenager going through struggles.

6. The Time Keeper- Mitch Albom
This is one of the most interesting books I've read, not  because of the plot but by the way its written. It tells not one, but three stories about different people who are complete strangers but will have an impact on each others lives. 

7. To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee
I know every school makes their students read this one time or another but a lot of people don't give it enough credit. The first time I read it, I absolutely hated it but I read it twice more and I understood what it was really about. And I normally don't say this about movies based on books, but the film was actually really good-especially because of the fact that Gregory Peck is in it<3 He's just so dreamy!!

8. Dash and Lilys Book of Dares-Rachel Cohn
I mentioned this book a couple posts ago, but seriously this book is so great. The characters are so funny and 85% of the book made me grab my face cause CUTE. Its basically about these two teenagers in NY during Christmas break and it's just an adorable read and if you love teen fiction, I RECOMMEND THIS!

9. Nine Stories- J.D. Salinger
We've heard that name before, J.D. Salinger from the book "The Catcher and the Rye"but people never talk about his other books. The title is basically what the book is about: it's just 9 short stories. This is great because sometimes I can get bored with just one big book, but this one theres a completely new story every 15 pages to keep me entertained. (did anyone see that my 9th book down the list was 9 stories lol im so funny)

10. Looking for Alaska- John Green
Theres not a complete book list without mentioning one from John Green. How can I explain this normally... ummm... HE'S FREAKING AMAZING. Ugh he just completely understands what teenagers want to read and UGHHHH i love him. Im sure by now every teenager girl has read this. And along with Perks of Being A Wallflower, this too has its quotes posted up on millions of tumblr blogs. But yeah, I really likey this book and you should read it 

11. Letters to a Young Poet- Rainer Maria Rilke
This book is dedicated to all you poetry lovers out there. I've never been the biggest poetry fan but this book is really beautiful and so interesting, I mean I've underlined almost half of the book because theres so much deep stuff in there man. It's just one of those books that makes you think, haha.

So these are the books I've read in the past couple months, hope you enjoyed! What are your favorite books? Leave a comment down below! ((: x 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bucket List!

So just now as I was sitting here,watching all 12 episodes of Bad Education and eating mac & cheese, I began thinking what I want to accomplish in my life before I die. Well, I thought I'd turn that into a blog post about what's on my bucket list! 

1. Travel across Europe 
2. Study abroad
3. Visit the Full House house in San Francisco
4.Have a bonfire
5. Meet Il Volo 
6. Give my phone number to a band member at a concert (lawlz I'm a slut)
7. Be an extra in a film/tv show/music video
8. Be able to play Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement
9. Travel by train
10. Meet all my favorite bands and singers
11. Own and watch all Gilmore Girl season episodes
12. Go to a One Direction concert
13. Become fluent in Iranian
14. Live in another country for a while
15. See the Back Street Boys live
16. Choose anything decorating, photography, or fashion-related as a career.
17. Learn to not be so shy in front of people
18. Learn to horseback ride
19. Go on vacation with my friends
20. Go to a old rock concert
21. Read all the books on 'Rory Gilmore's Book List'
22. Make something out of myself
23. Finish college and go to Uni.
24. Have a movie-food date marathon with my friends
25. Own an apartment
26. See Ed Sheeran live
27. Start me and my friend's youtube channel
28. Meet my favorite youtubers
29. Move to the UK
30. Own a rabbit and a cat and name them Pancakes and JiJi.

We'll there you have it folks. What would be on your bucket list? 
Hope you enjoyed! xx  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Favorites of the Week

Untitled #94

1. Clothes: Since autumn has begun and october is here, I thought I'd bring back that traditional look of plaid/gingham. I love the way they look with bright indigo jeans and boots or sneakers. It makes it look so casual but cute at the same time.

2. Food: Normally I'm not one to say that I enjoy healthy snacks, but I recently came across these Simple Balanced Fruit Strips at Target and it takes me back to when I was a kid and used to eat something like this all the time; I bought 4 boxes of the dried apricot strips haha.
3. Shoes: Again, since I live in California the cold weather wont hit till about the end of December so it's too hot for combat boots or boots in general. So basically I wear my white Diesel shoes (these white converse are pretty similar) all the time to school.
4. Music: UGH THERES SO MUCH MUSIC THAT I LIKE but I have to say Nina Nesbitt-Noserings and Shoestrings got me hooked. I love her so much and I just love this song so much AAAAHH. If you want to check out some more songs I love for the autumn time, click here for my 8tracks.
5. Books: If anyone really knows me, they know I am an avid book reader. My friend recently recommended this book to me and I read it in two days time. Dash & Lily's Book of Dares is such a funny, romantic, adorable novel based on two people in New York City during Christmas break. Normally I don't read teen fiction but I highly recommend this book. 
6. Makeup: Again, if you've read my last posts you'll also know that I don't really like to pile on so much makeup on a daily basis, but for the fall time I love wearing brown eyeliner on my upper and lower lash line. I think its so subtle and warm to the eyes. And a lot less harsher than black eyeliner. Usually this would just be my makeup for the day: sunscreen, concealer, powder, eyeliner. 

Hope you enjoyed this guys, have a great day!! (: xx