Friday, June 14, 2013


The holy day had come yesterday- I graduated high school!!!! *internal feels kicking in* Im so glad I'm done with those horrible 4 years of being surrounded by idiots all the time. Even though Im going to community and I know it won't be much different form high school, but at least there will be new people and new fools to deal with. When I got to our schools stadium, I was already sweating because it was about 90 degrees and I was underneath a ugly, hot polyester cap and gown and I just wanted to go to fall asleep under shady, cool tree. As we made our entrance, my cap fell off and the wind took it all the way to the back of the line!! How embarrassing haha. During the ceremony, almost every member of ASB gave a speech-they didn't even give the valedictorian a speech because our school is more interested in who's popular and who's in sports (UGH). When I went to get my diploma, they lady couldn't pronounce my name and usually I would show a pissed look at her and correct her but I was graduating and I was just so done with everything. When the graduation ended, me, my family went out to a very nice hotel restaurant called the Pelican Hill Hotel. It's known to be (I think) Top 5 best hotels in the US and I can definitely see why! The views of the beach and sunset were spectacular and the hotel itself was so gorgeous. Im so happy I finally graduated high school! Now I'm off to college in a few months and it'll be great. For anyone who's graduated or will graduate soon-WE DID IT! *virtual high five*

Here's my outfit I wore yesterday. My dress is from Bloomingdales and my shoes are from H&M. 

Here's my view from our table at the Pelican Hill Hotel! It's so beautiful!!! <3

Sunday, June 9, 2013


So I thought I'd truly start my blog by doing a little haul for you guys (whoever is actually reading this). So these are the items I bought this month. Enjoy! (:

If you watch Zoella, Tanya Burr, or any makeup youtuber who lives in the UK, you know they usually recommend the famous drug store product Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel. Im not the type of person to always wear foundation-I usually just conceal my dark circle-but the amount of times they raved and used this foundation, I just had to get it. One problem: it's only available in the UK-or so I thought! I came across this website that sold all world wide products online with free shipping! *angels singing* I ordered Soft Beige and I can honestly say it is a great product. The finished effect is has on your skin makes it look glowing and so smooth and its just great. I'll put the link at the bottom.

My next items are what I live by for hair care products. They are my holy grail and I don't think they'll ever leave my routine. The L'oréal Paris Smooth Intense Xtreme Straight Crème literally makes my hair so much smoother and straighter. I have naturally dry, frizzy hair and I've tried so many products but this one takes the cake. Just put a small amount on your hands and gently run it through your hair. After I use that I use the Biosilk silk therapy. This just adds extra smoothness and shine to your hair and it smells lovely. After that I use the Bumble and Bumble BB. Styling Lotion. I use this before I blow-dry to make my hair softer.

I know summer hasn't even started yet ,so why would anyone think of purchasing winter apparel?! But like the weirdo I am, I saw this coat on ASOS and I just fell completely in love with it! I was inspired by Eleanor Calder's 'Sparkle and Fade Coat' which unfortunately is out of stock so this is a very similar style. But I must warn to any of you interested in buying this coat- it runs pretty big. I got a size 2 and it looks like a size 4/6. So if you are above a size 2, order a size smaller. Also it's very long (My mom says I look like John Bender from the Breakfast Club). Instead of taking mine to the tailer and having them tighten it, I used a old clip from my moms closet to snap some two edges of the back together to tighten it myself.

Last but not least, pretty smelly perfumes! I have just about almost all the Dior perfumes out there but I especially love the Dior Addict. It smells so girly and I just love it. It doesn't have a fruity smell-which I hate. The only word I can use to describe the smell is pink and lovely. But it can be too heavy sometimes so a good, cheaper substitute to use when your going to school or even use it to go out is the Heidi Klum Surprise Fragrance/Body Spray. Unlike the Dior, it smells very womanly. I feel very mature when I put this on, like I should dine in a fancy yacht and wear pearls or something.

So there was my amazing awesome haul for you guys, hope you liked it! If you have any questions about the products just feel free to ask! I just started watching the Great Gatsby online and after reading the book, Im a little indifferent towards it. I loved Moulin Rouge and I can see it has had a very big affect on the movie and unlike many people out there, I am not very fond of the sound track. It's too..boss? I have no idea how to describe it except for that haha. I don't know, these are just my first impressions... Im really hungry now.

Well, this is where I sign off. Have a good day/night (wherever you are)!


Hello! My name is Katrine and this my blog for pretty much anything. Im a very eclectic person so my blog will be open to new topics such as hauls, favorites of the month, things I like and dislike, my opinions on certain topics, etc. I can't say I'm tumblr or twitter famous so not a lot of people know who I am so here are a few things about me!

Let me just say it now, I love anything British. That means Spice Girls, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, The British Youtube Group, and just the UK itself, and no 1D is not the reason why I love the UK so much. Im pretty sure I was a British person in another life. I've never been to the UK (or anywhere for that matter) but hopefully I will go for a week or two next year for spring break. Im only 4 days from graduating my senior year (PRAISE BE) and Im planning to go to community college for two years and transfer either abroad or to the city. Im not one to say that I am fashion obsessed or take risks with clothes and makeup but I do enjoy going through blogs of people who are. I would say my major influences for fashion are Eleanor Calder, Miranda Kerr, and Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella). My style does change every so often and I think now I've discovered what I really like and what I look for when I go shopping.

Since I am brand new to this whole blog world and I'll be busy with getting my permit/license, applying to the college I have in mind, and traveling with a few friends up to the city, I won't be uploading as much. All I know is that I WILL upload every week or so, and it will be good.